Pet Portraits by Riley Mica Designs

Pet Portraits by Riley Mica Designs

the Artwork of Leela Rae Hein

Choosing the Perfect Photo

What Photo is Best?

Some tips for selecting the perfect photo for your portrait.

Choosing the Perfect Photo from Existing Photos. 

A lot of my work is tribute portraits for beloved pets who are no longer with us. Working from older photos is completely fine! 
Do you have one picture you absolutely love? That may be it!
Occasionally I ask for additional pictures to help me get every detail right. Even if I use the photo you absolutely love as the basis for the portrait, the fine details are sometimes missing. I am able to fill in the blanks using additional photos. 

Some tips if you need to take a photo

In this day and age of technology, cell phones and tablets are everywhere. If you don't have a camera, one of these can work. 
-Photos taken outside usually have more detail. 
-Indoor shots aren't bad, but please keep glare and deep shadows to a minimum. 
-Get on your pet's level. Looking down at them is a completely different look for a portrait than looking head on. 
-The closer you can get, the better. A shot taken from across the yard will always have less detail than one taken from a few feet away. 
-Ask someone for help. Sometimes someone waving a toy above your head while you take pictures is the only way you are going to get a pet to look in your direction. 

I can remove distracting elements

Someone in the shot that shouldn't be? Forgot to unhook a leash and it's distracting? I can remove those. Just let me know in your email. 

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